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What is the certification?

The Plastic Free Balearics (PFB) Certification is a guarantee of envrionemntal quality for businesses in the hospitality industry. The objective is to reduce and eventually eliminate the impact of single-use plastics in the Balearic Islands. With this certification we aim to help the hospitality industry transition towards a more zero waste, circular economy and position businesses as leaders at the forefront of the protection and regeneration of our islands and seas. 

Who is it for?

All businesses in the hospitality industry in the Balearic Islands: hotels, restaurants, cafès, bars, ice-cream parlours, clubs, catering businesses, events, markets, sports clubs, boats and all businesses that offer food and drink and would like ot take steps to reduce their plastic footprint.

Why is it important?

In the last few years, plastic pollution in our archipelago and territories has increased dramatically, spelling out an environmental crisis. The tourist industry has the power to consolidate the Balearic Islands as a territory free of single-use plastics, while complementing the pioneering, local and international waste regulations, as well as the Balearic Island Tourist Plan 2015-2025 - for a sustainable tourist destination that will benefit everyone: the local economy, marine and terrestrial ecosystems, local populations and visitors.

What is a “Plastic Free Guardian”?

The Plastic Free Balearics Certification recognizes a business as a Plastic Free Guardian and awards them up to 5 stars, when they eliminate or reduce the following from their day-to-day commercial operations:


  • Single-use plastics that are prohibited by the Balearic Waste Law 8/2019 and the European Directive 904/2019.

  • Plastics that are most commonly found polluting our beaches, according to studies (Red Flag items).

  • Introduce “Honest Alternatives” to subsititute single-use plastics – these are items that have less of an environmental impact.


Download our brochure to find out more.

I want to join! What do I have to do?

To obtain your Plastic Free Balearics Certification, take the following steps:

  • Fill out the Application Form for your island our regional coordinator will send you an assessment form to begin the process.

  • Once we receive, verify and analyse your assessment form, you will receive a report with your results, a toolkit with content to help you communicate your achievements and you Plastic Free Guardian Certificate.

How long does the process take?

Analysing the forms can take one to two months, depending on the current demand. The Certification will be renewed annually to reflect the achievements of the business and its reduction of single-use plastics. If a business wishes to renew its certification in less than a year, it’s possible to ask for a new assessment.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits when you’re a Plastic Free Guardian. In addition to complying with Balearic law and EU directives, your company will have the opportunity to reduce its plastic footprint, doing its bit to protect and regenerate local ecosystems and contribute to the wellbeing of the environment, its inhabitants and its visitors.


There are also economic benefits to removing unnecessary single-use plastic products and opting for reusable alternatives. By becoming a Plastic Free Guardian, your company will receive a personalized roadmap with indicators and proposals to improve environmental performance, as well as a communication toolkit to help share your achievements your clients.

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