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Save The Med Foundation is a not for profit organisation whose primary objective is regenerating marine ecosystems in the Balearic Islands and the Mediterranean coast. They develop and apply different programs and activities to reduce plastic pollution and establish Marine Protected Areas, through environmental education, expeditions, and community programs.

The Balears Sense Plàstic program developed by Save The Med, started in 2018 with the objective of helping businesses reduce their consumption of plastic. They carried out an in-depth investigation with 45 participating businesses in Mallorca. The data obtained was used to develop the Honest Alternatives to Plastics Indicator (HAPI) which is used to measure the impact produced by single-use plastic products and packaging and substitute items with less wasteful "honest" alternatives. 


Plastic Free Balearics is the joining of forces between islands in order to progress towards a Balearic region free of single-use plastics. Save The Med's objective is to certify program participants in Mallorca and for Plastic Free Balearics to become a reference and guarantee of high environmental standards in the Balearics Islands and the Mediterranean.

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IbizaPreservation is a non-profit organisation that works to protect, preserve and restore nature in Ibiza and Formentera. Founded 13 years ago, IbizaPreservation aims for the islands to be a model of sustainability and for their natural treasures to continue to be considered a vital part of the heritage for wellbeing and long term prosperity. It promotes environmental initiatives that identify and implement long term solutions to conserve and regenerate Ibiza's and Formentera's natural resources, forming alliances and agreements between different sectors. 


Plastic Free Ibiza and Formentera is a movement created by IbizaPreservation. Formed in 2018, it had 14 main members, all local NGOs, whose objective is to preserve the environment of the Pityusic Islands. Together,  the members raise awareness and promote sustainable practices to achieve islands free of single-use plastics by 2023.

Under this objective, through Plastic Free Ibiza and Formentera, IbizaPreservation promoted a certification system to reduce single-use plastics in local businesses, focusing on the hospitality industry. Launched in 2019, it has already certified 130 businesses.

In 2020, the foundation was selected, together with Save The Med, by the Beyond Plastic Med association, to develop Plastic Free Balearics. Through this new joint certification, they hope to inspire businesses in the entire Balearic region to place themselves at the forefront of developing the Balearic Islands into a tourist destination with the highest commitment to sustainability.

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Plastic Free Ibiza and Formentera is a movement started in 2018 to fight single-use plastics in the Pityusic Islands. Developed by IbizaPresetvation and formed by 14 different NGOs, it rasies awareness and provides environmental standards to reduce plastic in our islands.

Amics de la Terra, One Planet One Life, Think Ma World, Associació de Voluntaris d’Eivissa, For The Planet, Cleanwave, GEN-GOB, Ibiza Fénix, Ibiza Limpia, IbizaPreservation, Posidonia Green Project, Fundación Deixalles, Noctiluca Asociación, Fundación Deixalles and Fundación Conciencia are all part of the movement. Between them, they offer solutions to reduce and eliminate single-use plastics in businesses and public institutions through actions, public awareness campaigns, environmental education and the certification of businesses who are committed to plastic reduction. 

The Plastic Free Balearics certification is a step closer to the final objective. After certifying 130 businesses since the launch in 2019, achieving a Balearic wide alliance is a great opportunity. Thanks to this new certification, businesses in the hospitality industry will be able to position themselves as tourist destinations with higher values: environmental protection through a solid and authentic commitment. 

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This project is promoted by Menorca Preservation to create a common working objective, coordinated and agreed upon by Menorca's different organisations, each of whom carry out work of a different nature, all with the aim of reducing plastic pollution on the island.

The alliance was founded in 2020 and is formed by five Menorcan organisations, all committed to protecting and preserving the environment and coming together to fight single-use plastic. The alliance is composed of Menorca Preservation, Institut Menorquí d‘Estudis, GOB Menorca, Associació Leader Illa de Menorca and Per la Mar Viva. The project is financed by Marilles Foundation. 


In 2021, Menorca will begin to certify businesses who wish to go plastic free. Counting on the experience of the initiative developed on the other Balearic Islands, in such an important sector as the hospitality industry, is of great value. We're attracted to the idea that the all the Balearic Islands share the same certification - at least in the hospitality industry - as it helps to create common values and criteria for businesses in all the archipelago, avoiding differences between islands and identifying the territory as a region united against plastic. 

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